Sunday, July 8, 2007


for the messages and comments. I just got home and I'm tired. I took a few pics of myself the other day before heading out to watch Transformers. It had good special effects, but I don't think it's one of those movies that I'll watch more than once.

I usually wake up so late that I am unable to take pics of myself in natural sunlight. I was about to put my camera away and I saw the a bit of light shining through the window.The sun almost got away this time, but not soon enough. I set the camera up and got in a few shots. It was funny trying to catch the light with my face, but I think it gave a pretty neat effect.

<It was kinda hot in the room while snapping these shots. You can actually see the sweat on my forehead. Gross or about human? Gimme a break. haha

< I love this dress. I usually go for clothes made with really soft, comfy, and breathable fabrics. I was happy to find this super cozy and cute dress made by American Rag for only $40! If they made this dress in other colors I'd buy all of them. I think I have 3 of every dress and top that I like because it's so hard to find comfortable clothes that actually fit me. Okay I sound repetitious, but hey, whatever. I'm in the middle of playing video games, so that's all.

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