Tuesday, September 11, 2007

more of my photography

I haven't finished posting lots of my pics from my vacation, but it's hard to do such things while I'm not on vacation. I just wanted to take some to to post some of my new photography work.

First, here's my girl, Ambreal. I shot these just before I left to Hawaii.

<had someone snap a shot of us after the shoot. if you aren't familiar with gangsta finger lingo, i'm throwing up 'boob' 4 Life! She's throwing up the Japanese gang sign which stands for "look at those boobs." If you don't know, you better axe somebody.

Next, the super cute and sexy, Laura. She was down to pose with my sister's boa and tarantula during her shoot...

To see larger, higher quality versions of these and other photos click on the photo below to access my flickr account.