Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New self portraits

so I sporadically decided to get some shots of myself in my temporary studio yesterday. the house is basically empty aside from the backgrounds that I set up, so I had a hard time coming up with ideas on the spot. I only had a few outfits, some makeup, and some books that I use to give models ideas for their makeup. here's what was composed...

<i found this old belt buckle. it's pretty old. It was my dad's. I was named after him. Ya dig? Just keep in mind that I aint Mike Jones, so keep my name outcho mouth. haha.

< I waited around for the sunset to get this shot. 8pm-ish. I have to remember that for other models. I think it's a cute setting. Better than full sunlight since the windows are so damned dirty from the outside.

< how could I resist using the pink background in one of my pics. I didn't really have props so I initially posed like I was just reading one of the books, but the books were too huge. They covered half my body and looked too awkward. So I just laid the books down and scattered some of my makeup around. Much better.

<close up of the details. I was just trying to lean my head back as far as I could to get that dramatic light burn on my face. Painful, but worth it.

< quick shot of my shadow. between shoots. hehe.

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