Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Food, models, thoughts...

Here are a couple of restaurant reviews and some pics I've shot of my girls.
Sushi Zo
I've been wanted to write about this place for a long time. So here goes...To me, most sushi places are either great, bad, or outstanding. There really is no room for just decent sushi in my book. I think just decent sushi=bad sushi in general. Sushi Zo has got to be one of the best traditional sushi joints that I've been to in Los Angeles. I have to say, it's better than Sushi Sushi in Beverly Hills, which is also an outstanding sushi place.
<Before filling my belly at Sushi Zo... Dress-Bebe, Shoes-Aldo (Taken in November)

The ambiance in Sushi Zo isn't so great. It's small, a bit sterile, and a bit bright, with minimal decor. I was actually a bit overdressed when I first went. Actually, it's pretty much a hole in the wall that turns out to be right next to the laundromat I go to. The good part is that there's plenty of parking because it's in a shopping center. You don't go here for the ambiance though. You go for some of the best damned sushi that'll ever touch your wormy little lips.

They ONLY do Omakase (chef's choice) at Sushi Zo. You basically tell them what you DON'T like and the waitress starts bringing out the sushi. 1-2 pieces at a time. You tell the waitress when you are getting full, so she can give you your last piece. Don't forget to tell them when you are ready to call it quits, or the food will keep comming. They have a written set of rules similar to Sushi Sushi's.
When the waitress brings out each piece she will tell you "soy sauce" or "no soy sauce." Follow her lead and you'll be good. Every piece has the right amount of sauce/wasabi so there's no need for extra wasabi. They won't give u any to put in your soy sauce. That would be total blasphemy.
<Pieces in the order that they were served. I had all of this and enjoyed EVERY bite!

The quality of the sushi is just as good, if not better than Sushi Sushi's. Every piece melts in your mouth. The main thing that puts Sushi Zo above Sushi Sushi, is the rice. The rice in the sushi is sooooooo good. Ohmygawd!!! I swear every piece is like biting into little chunks of heaven. I have to warn everyone though, If you haven't had sushi this good, you will definitely be turned off to your regular joints for a while. The spanish mackerel=heaven. Toro=heaven. Eel=heaven. Basically if you tell them what you don't like, you will not be disappointed. Everything about Sushi Zo's food is perfect! You might even discover that you actually like some things that you wouldn't normally like at regular sushi joints. I'm not usually a huge fan of sea urchin unless it's super fresh because it tends to be bitter at times. The sea urchin in squid is sweet, buttery and fucking delicious.

I think the cost was over $100 pp. I also had a $75 bottle of cold sake. (cheaper than buying it by the glass if you drink as much as I do) I've been back plenty of times. It's one of my favorite sushi joints!

James' Beach
<Before heading to James'. Tube Top- LVLX, leggings- Rave, Sleeves- Hot Topic, Shoes-Aldo

Girls, Girls, Girls
My sexy girl, Autumn.
<Legs that don't quit. =)
You'd drool if you were able to see the rest of her sets. Yowzers!

...and my lovely Brendita....
<If she was brunette, wouldn't she make the perfect amazonian Wonder Woman?
I love these girls. <3

So I bought tickets to Space Island. I plan on losing my mind and sleeping through January 1st.
My resolutions....Finish my big secret project....Continue to be more patient with the mongoloid morons that I deal with daily...to follow my artistic instincts more...to drink less...to be more social...to spend more time with my family....hmmm guess that's all for now. Hope you all have a happy, fun, and safe New Year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays, bitches! Brand new pics.

Just shot these in my living room...
<I was freezing. You can see my goosebumps.