Wednesday, October 24, 2007

mmm mmm, bitch

Well, I updated my nurse costume just for the fuck of it. I will post pics of my real halloween costume for '07, when I wear it. For now here's a pic from a mini shoot that I did of myself a few minutes ago with my new nurse outfit. I was actually just testing my new wireless remote for my d200 since i just got home from a...costume party of sorts. =) basically, the remote for the d200 sucks ass compared to the d70s remote. i think i just have to get used to it. well, here's me sobering up. =)

(click to enlarge) haha eh here's the flickr version

btw... i've been really super busy working on my book and website. the site will be up before the end of this month, actually it's pretty much done, all i have to do is get it hosted. Yay!=) should i have a website release party? eh... i'm too lazy/busy. =P