Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shoot from 8/15/09

I love this girl. She's gorgeous and happens to be a very great friend. =) Make up by the super talented ValC. Shot at one of my favorite houses in Venice Beach.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Downtown Santa Barbara

I was able to test out my new Nikon 70-200mm lens by snapping a few shots with it while shopping around Downtown Santa Barbara. Note these are considered snapshots because I didn't stand there and take the time to compose the images very well.
^Balloon Guy- I wanted him to fashion me a guitar for a shoot, but I haven't even decided on a model for my Rock n' Roll clown. Haha. God, time is flying. Gotta get started.

^I thought this was funny. "Asians r the shit!" on his guitar. Reminds me of when I was a dumb kid, writing nonsensical Asian Pride propaganda on my property. Smh. Ironically, the boy doesn't look asian at all. hmm...

^Moped gang. You wouldn't wanna be stuck walking in a dark alley with this group of badasses.
^Cheesy flower shot. I know. I think I'm entitled to at least 5 cheesy shots a year, ok? Shoot. I'm still a girl and I still like flowers. pfsh.

It was sprinkling on and off so I had my camera hidden under my jacket most of the time then just bust it out to snap a few shots here and there. The verdict- I love my new lens!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A New Member of the Family
"Have you got a Labrador. Know anywhere you can get a Labrador? Then SHIUDDUP!"

Anyways, I'm going to take a break from writing about Ojai, so I can introduce my new buddy, Brutus! We decided to get a rescue, because it's really nice to be able to give a dog in need a loving home. It feels good to give a dog who went through a lot of trauma, a new lease on life. lol.

He's actually a pure bred chocolate lab with all his papers. His previous owner pretty much neglected him and when he was rescued he was near starving. He was super thin, his ribs were showing like crazy.

My top name options were Thor(god of thunder), Loki(god of mischief), or Brutus. We decided to commit to a name after we saw his personality. He is HUGE, and powerful, but a bit of a klutz due to his massive size so we chose Brutus. I like the name- Reminds me of popeye and he was actually responding to the name quite quickly.

Brutus is about 3 years old- bit older than we requested, but it doesn't matter. He's very well behaved and intuitive. He'll learn easily with a few good training sessions. I really love training dogs. I'm so stoked!
^Look at his eyes! We were really happy that they had such a gorgeous and sweet chocolate lab available so quickly. His foster mom is a really sweet woman who let us have him early so long as we agreed to take him to his neutering appointment next week.

When it comes to training, Brutus is the first big dog I've ever worked with. I think the only thing I'm scared of his massive size and strength in public. He's like a bear/horse. lol. He is in no way aggressive, but he is curious and he can really pull me around if he wanted to. When I walk him I really feel the power in his muscles. I have to learn to control him right away.

^Some of the goodies we bought for him before he was brought over. =)^He's gained a lot of weight since the first pictures we saw of him were taken. He's so handsome!

I couldn't be more happy with the instant connection that he's already made. His stomach might be a bit sensitive due to his previous trauma, but it's something that we are more than happy to work with. We love him very much already. He's going to make the perfect long term buddy.

Guess that's all. Thanks for all the nice messages, and what have you. Hope you all had a great weekend. xo

Monday, February 8, 2010


I've been really busy working on the calendar. I couldn't be more pleased with all the ideas I got for the 2011 calendar from the giveaway contest that I'm throwing on my FanVixens Blog. The contest ends on the 10th, so you can still enter if you haven't.

I was actually planning on doing a review and comparing Providence, Melisse, and Sona, since I ate at all of those restaurants last week, but I don't have the time or energy atm.

So to leave you with a bit of content here are a few photos from a set that I shot with my sexy girl, Brit. This was at my Venice studio in September.

guess that's all for now.