Friday, July 3, 2009

My FanVixens 2010 Calendar!!! the unveiling...EDIT!

So I pretty much finished it. Hours and hours of creating my new baby and she's finally all put together.

13 months, 15 babes, 1 fucking awesome calendar.

Vima, Mika Casimir, Autumn, Jordan, Boogie, Ambrielle, Leanne Bell, Sonia, Laura, Ranila Miyu, Elyssa, Angel, Ave Rose, Brenda, and of course your favorite supervillain. =P

Here's the front and back cover.

There are two hot images for each month. Can't wait to see it printed. =) I still might move some of the titles around and a bit more text. Also there will be a barcode somewhere on the back. So these are updated. I added the barcode and logos to the back and I didn't realize that the original said 16 babes, but there are 15. =P haha. so much work. You go over things so many times, simple mistakes get overlooked...

Woohoo!! K. Time for bed. I feel like a zombie. I very proud zombie.
Sending the ftp files tomorrow.

**Thanks for all the love. I'm so backed up, and I'd love to write back to everyone, but I'm still so busy. I have to get comic con costumes together, for myself and some of my models. Also, I will be planning a calendar release party and lots of other fun stuff. When things get settled, I'll start blogging more and interacting with all of you like I used to. =) xoxo