Friday, February 26, 2010

Downtown Santa Barbara

I was able to test out my new Nikon 70-200mm lens by snapping a few shots with it while shopping around Downtown Santa Barbara. Note these are considered snapshots because I didn't stand there and take the time to compose the images very well.
^Balloon Guy- I wanted him to fashion me a guitar for a shoot, but I haven't even decided on a model for my Rock n' Roll clown. Haha. God, time is flying. Gotta get started.

^I thought this was funny. "Asians r the shit!" on his guitar. Reminds me of when I was a dumb kid, writing nonsensical Asian Pride propaganda on my property. Smh. Ironically, the boy doesn't look asian at all. hmm...

^Moped gang. You wouldn't wanna be stuck walking in a dark alley with this group of badasses.
^Cheesy flower shot. I know. I think I'm entitled to at least 5 cheesy shots a year, ok? Shoot. I'm still a girl and I still like flowers. pfsh.

It was sprinkling on and off so I had my camera hidden under my jacket most of the time then just bust it out to snap a few shots here and there. The verdict- I love my new lens!

1 comment:

  1. LOL Moped gang! But the colors in the Balloon Man shot are gorgeous! ANd the flower shot isn't cheezy at all! It's so serene!