Friday, March 27, 2009

*redit another drag contest* The other night I killed two birds Arabic MU and the return of Tootsie

First, I'd like to say thanks to all the lovely people who have been commenting me and what have you. I will try to get around to answering everyone over the weekend if time permits. I've been so damned busy, it's fucking ridiculous. Off the top of my head, I do recall a few people asking where I got Pink's gloves. They were from Frederick's. How do you ladies get reply to comments? Do you answer via your own comment box or go to an individual's blog and comment there? That's one area where xanga was better. The ability to reply to comments easily. Bah...

The other night, my laptop was acting up while I was in the middle of editing. I'm so getting a new macbook pro this weekend, but to keep myself from tossing this one out the window I decided to keep myself busy by doing Spankedelic's Arabic makeup contest. I did the research and realized that a lot of Arabic makeup is quite equivalent to drag makeup! Similar dramatic eyes and contouring... So of course I decided to do a whole new set with Tootsie Electra. =) (click photos to enlarge)
Here's the contest entry...

^Inspiration...If that doesn't look like drag queen makeup, may all your teeth fall out and hair grow in it's place.
I never join these contests to win, I do them for fun. I love having the drive to be creative. I also love seeing other peoples' entries. So if you want to enter Spankedelic's Arabic Makeup Contest , do it soon!

*I just entered this look in Makeup Mama's contest, since I just realized she extended the entry date. =) Not sure if it's allowed, but we'll see. I didn't enter the drag pics in the arabic eyes contest. =P

Tootsie (mutherffin) Electra... my tribute to the awesome performers at Club Illusion and AsiaSF...

^Like the mic? Seasoned b*tches know what's up. haha.
*Forgot to add my signature pose. -slaps wrist-
The outfit is just a bunch of pieces that were from Hollywood Blvd, except for the coach charm bracelet oh and the gloves and hair piece are from Bliss.

Oh yeah, I have a gallery showing tomorrow (I MEANT THE GALLERY IS TODAY, damn odd hours) in Downtown LA at The Hive with inkpenmutations press. It's going to be the first event that I'll attend and not be wasted. Should be interesting.

Well, guess I should hit the sack. xoxo

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