Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New photos from a few hours ago (updated 2/7)

Last night, I shot with one of my favorite models to work with, Casimir. Not only is she freakin' hot, she also knows how to pose, and she has a really great personality. It's pretty easy working with her. We did start off a bit slow, since we were both tired and feeling kinda bleh (women), but once we got into it, it was almost like she was reading my mind.
<Too hot!

<Last minute set. We <3 hoodies!

<I removed her nipple. haha.
Thanks for letting us use your place, Michael. Oh and sorry about the footprints on your wall.
<We were wishing that there was some sort of wheat field nearby for this set, but it was 10pm in westLA so we just worked with what we had.

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